TorDex is a search engine for indexed Tor websites and is now accessible on the open internet. Notably, the site claims that extreme content is removed from search results. The website’s minimalistic style with purple grape font gives it a sweet syrupy design feel that goes down well.

Why use TorDex on clear net?

One benefit is the breadth of results returned. The dark net has a unique feature, that of onion sites quickly appearing and disappearing. This can be an issue when searching since the onion link data becomes sticky, inaccurate, and with results out of date. TorDex can cough up an astonishing number of sites that are safe enough to read at work. Each result is formatted so reading through the many results flows quickly and smoothly.

The site also has a feature that shows the last 5 searches. Watching them is fun and seems can even loosen up any blockages of ideas that might arise due to similar search term fatigue. TorDex also has a page dedicated to contact info regarding advertising on its platform.

Downsides of using TorDex on clear net

Accessing Tor-style websites on the clear net brings a host of privacy concerns with it that will make most TorBrowser users gasp. For instance, IP addresses are no longer hidden in the onion layers, meaning possible loss of anonymity. It is probably not advised to search for some of the darkest topics the dark web is known for.

Another issue comes from the quality of the search results. Glancing through lists of onion sites feels reminiscent of the email spam folder. The side effect of the dizzying scrolling was a need for a break for a breath of fresh air.

How to access TorDex on clear net?

TorDex can be accessed in any browser by their web address:

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