Want to search Tor safely? We can help!

We verify every onions we index to decrease the chance of
finding unsafe and illegal websites.

Safe Search

We only index known Tor hidden services that don't contain CP and other extremely illegal activities.

Untailored Results

We don't track what you're searching for and tailor results based on that, you see what anyone else would see.

Anonymous Search

Use our onion address to search on Tor so you won't be tracked by advertisers or your internet service provider.

What is Tor Search & Why Should I Use it?

There is a common misconception that the darknet is some terrifying layer to the internet that is only used to sell drugs, hire hitmen, and haunt you in the real world just for opening the browser. Despite what the mainstream media tells you, there are many interesting and useful Tor hidden services waiting to be discovered.

The darknet is like the wild west of the internet and is full of scams, phishing pages, and terrifically illegal content. We made Tor Search because we wanted a way to search the darknet without coming across these types of web pages.

There are many darknet search engines out there, but none of them use a whitelist of verified hidden services to keep out the bad content from their search results. Tor Search makes the best effort to filter out scam sites, phishing pages, and CSAM services.