Tor Search is a custom made dark net search engine that allows people to find and explore Tor hidden services. They only index a small set of verified onions because they want their users to search without the worry of finding extremely illegal websites.

Why Use Tor Search?

The goal of Tor Search is to allow people who are interested in the dark net to find interesting and useful Tor hidden services without the worry of seeing something extremely illegal. Unlike any other dark net search engine; Tor Search will only give you clean results!

Downsides & Limitations of Tor Search

The main downside of Tor Search using a whitelist of onion websites is your search results will be limited to those websites and you will not be able to find all the interesting dark net websites.

How To Access Tor Search

You can access Tor Search using two methods, their clean net domain which can be accessed in any browser, or their onion address wapabp2pnqczbxq4dqdo7txexhkqjzazmvrljxijtd5s2cohvejf4nqd.onion which will require you to have the Tor Browser.

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