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AnonBlogs is a fully-featured, custom-made anonymous blogging platform for the darknet. Their goal is to allow anyone to create a blog and share their thoughts without the worry of censorship. In a world where anonymity is eroded every day, AnonBlogs is a win for privacy.

Why use AnonBlogs?

AnonBlogs is the WordPress of the darknet; they allow you to create your blog and share anything you want without the worry of being censored.

They also have a built-in comment system that allows other blogs to comment on your posts and share ideas; of course, you are allowed to hide any comments that could be considered spam.

AnonBlogs works entirely without JavaScript, meaning you can use their platform securely and anonymously.

Downsides & Limitations of AnonBlogs

The biggest downside to using AnonBlogs is your blog can only be accessed using the Tor Browser, and most normal people won’t be able to see your posts, you can bypass this by using a Tor Web proxy, but it’s not ideal.

Another issue is that it costs money if you want to have a dedicated onion address, and membership is required to upload images, so you will have to use third-party image hosting services for free users.

How to access AnonBlogs?

To access AnonBlogs, you will need the Tor Browser to visit their onion address. You can find their onion address on their clear net website; their current address is anonblogd4pcarck2ff6qlseyawjljaatp6wjq6rqpet2wfuoom42kyd.onion

You can view your blog on AnonBlogs here: torsearch.anonblogd4pcarck2ff6qlseyawjljaatp6wjq6rqpet2wfuoom42kyd.onion

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