Packet Point is a Canadian-based anonymous VPS host that works without JavaScript, accepts cryptocurrency, and cares about users’ privacy. They offer virtual server hosting in multiple Canadian locations at an affordable price.

Why use Packet Point?

Many web hosts claim to be anonymous but still ask for your personal information; Packet Point is one of the only hosting providers that are truly anonymous. To order hosting from Packet Point, you don’t need to give them your personal information, and they are Tor friendly, allowing you to order without javascript on their onion site.

They offer fully virtualized VPS hosting in Kitchener, Ontario, and Quebec Montreal, running on the latest NVME & SSD technology. Their servers also use full disk encryption, meaning you have peace of mind running your business and don’t have to worry about your data falling into the wrong hands.

Downsides & Limitations of Packet Point

The biggest downside of Packet Point’s virtual server hosting is they are not bulletproof; you cannot host torrents, port-scan, or IP spoof. If you use their hosting for ordinary things, this won’t be a problem, but most people looking for anonymous hosting want to do those activities.

Another downside is where their servers are located. Since Canada is not a free country, you will be limited to what you can host on your server.

How to access Packet Point?

Packet Point has both a clear net website and an onion address, and packetz6ogg4hlzw3ba2d7gojvnyunxbwkatottpv34rk5fulddjgeid.onion respectively.

This post is sponsored by Packet Point INC

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